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Our Mission


How We Got Started

Hidden Meridian was founded on the principle of holistic healing through various methods, both traditional and advanced. Our mission is to address obstacles to health naturally, effectively, and compassionately while educating patients on how to achieve and maintain optimal health based on their individual presentation.

Amanda Sapirstein, L.Ac. is a Board Certified & Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California. She completed her clinical training in Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland, Oregon, gaining proficiency in acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine prescription, dietetics, Qigong, and an array of massage & bodywork techniques. Upon relocation to California, she practiced at the well-established Downtown Community Acupuncture prior to recent closing, and opened Hidden Meridian partially as a result of this, and partially to be able to offer a wider range of modalities and wellness tools.

Although our clinic and wellness space is just getting started up, the manifestation has been years in the making.  We are striving to create a hybridized offering, especially for those accustomed to and oriented around the community acupuncture model. We are working hard to honor and respond to the requests for privacy, comfort, and accessibility in the treatment space and welcome correspondence and feedback in this process.

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