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Acupuncture at Hidden Meridian

Community Oriented

Community acupuncture is actually a return to the Asian tradition that supports the healing mechanism offered by living in community. In fact, many of our patients report feeling at greater ease with others relaxing in the room with them compared to being a room by themselves. Patients receive their treatments in comfortable recliners, making it possible for groups of people to rest and heal together in a quiet and peaceful setting.

Financially Feasible

The purpose of the sliding scale is to make it possible for you to get the treatment you need to feel better, at a rate that feels aligned with what you can afford that day, week, or month. All levels of payment on the sliding scale are absolutely acceptable. There is no need to discuss your income or explain why you would like to pay a particular amount. Our patients pay at the low end, high end, and everywhere in between. Rest assured that if you are paying on the scale, it works for us! 

Spacious & Timely

Our group room is spacious with high ceilings and medical grade air purifiers, equipped for offering our services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Treatment time is limited to an hour, or can be reduced if you've gotta get back to work, life, etc.! Just let us know ahead of time and we'll ensure you get recharged and well on your way when you need to be.

What We Treat

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